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#21 WatchandWager Business Trading

WatchandWager - 700 Larkspur Landing Circle, STE 199, CA, 94939

WatchandWager Business Trading provides the best route to success by reducing market costs while enhancing supplemental services and providing direct access to the biggest pari-mutuel markets worldwide.  Globalization of pari-mutuel markets has created a niche environment that the company has embraced and developed to enable data driven traders and professionals the ability to enter desirable markets with competitive prices.  This has driven significant growth in this sector of the company while substantially increasing revenues for worldwide native horseracing markets and partners.

The company offers direct VPN access to the hub which is the gateway to worldwide markets.  This reduces the potential for latency while increasing connection reliability and delivery of real-time pool and market data feeds to ensure optimal support and information.
Load handle capability start at 300-500 positions/second – the fastest in the world - and are eligible to be enhanced and catered to specific partner requirements.

Detailed reporting capability allows traders to optimize positioning and maximize long term revenues.

Effectiveness for participants is as a premium when all middlemen associated costs are removed from the equation providing the most efficient pricing structure possible.

The net payouts to horseracing are over $10million in 2015/16 (to April 16) LLC was the first United States based partner of the Hong Kong Jockey Club starting in the spring of 2014 and to date the company has exceeded $888 Million Hong Kong dollars in turnover contribution. 

Growth in this area has continued to develop across many international partner markets increasing the company participation levels 5 fold in a 6 month period.

Innovative ?

New technology focused on high latency and reporting
Enticing a new breed of traders into horseracing


#22 Multi-channel digital wallet: SmartPASS

Groupe Carrus / PMC - 30 rue des Petits Hôtels  - 75010 Paris

SmartPASS is a new digital wallet that allows punters to make electronic payments on all distribution channels including Internet. More than a traditional voucher which is restricted to window and self-service terminals, SmartPASS can be used to bet on any Internet devices such as smartphone, tablet or desktop via standard web browsers.

Innovative ?

SmartPASS is a new way for punters to bet anonymously on all betting channels including Internet devices.

Punter uses his smartphone like a personal betting terminal, offering new betting experience without account, credit card and registration procedure.