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Innovative Mobile Terminals

#18 The Sportech Kiosk

Sportech Racing // Digital
1095 Windward Ridge Parkway, Suite 170 - Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA

The Sportech Kiosk is a self-service floor-standing terminal that allows a patron to open and fund a new betting account without the need for teller or agent assistance.

The Kiosk allows the operator to offer convenient account services with limited personnel, making it ideal for locations or times of year where staffing is difficult to manage or sustain. For assurance that the account holder is properly identified and eligible to open a betting account, the Kiosk account opening process includes independent identity and Know Your Customer verification provided through integration with third party providers of ID verification services.

The Sportech Kiosk allows customers to privately and securely open a new betting account, complete with independent ID verification, and then add and withdraw funds.

The Kiosk is a self-service unit that allows racetrack operators to provide excellent account services without the need for teller or agent assistance.

The Kiosk is fully compatible with Sportech’s Digital Link™ mobile app and supports the funding and cashing of the app’s Digital Vouchers, for a convenient means by which to facilitate mobile betting, and a green alternative to paper tickets.

Innovative ?

The Sportech Kiosk was designed to fill a gap in environments both on-track and off that could benefit from expanded account betting services, but where full time staffing is difficult to manage or sustain.

#19 SportyMobile

SportyTech - 66, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau  - 75001 Paris

SportyMobile is an autonomous point of sale. It has been designed considering constraints of emerging markets but could be of use in any kind of environment.

With SportyMobile, operator agents are fully mobile which allow to map any territory more efficiently and hence increase operator turnover. Besides, our view is that operator should be the only decision maker regarding hardware; in other words, our software can be used with any kind of Android devices (whose prices can vary from $100 up to $1,500 to meet operator requirements).

We have tested and validated a wide range of devices in order to fit operators’ needs (from printer integrated device to “combo” smartphone + Bluetooth printer). Working with standard hardware allows operator to save money in the long run by decreasing maintenance costs. In emerging countries where GPRS coverage is not sufficient, we have developed a sms/gprs gateway which automatically switches to the appropriate network (gprs or sms) according to location of the agent. Besides, a feature allows agents to be located in real time (this can be done by making some calls to Google Maps API).

Typically, bettor can dial a phone number free of charge to indicate his location to operator and then wait for an agent to come to meet him to take its bet or alternatively to come to meet the agent. In western countries markets, it may prove to be useful in racetracks to unclog counters or to allow bettors not to prove from their seat.

For the operator, SportyMobile also brings some advantages to monitor business activity; it can track agents locations in real time, ensure all areas are covered and more importantly to make some tests to find best locations to increase sales.

Innovative ?

SportyMobile is the first flexible and really mobile BtoB solution. It works on any kind of Android devices and allows operators to run multi-products operation (horse racing, sports betting, lotto) from a single terminal (and a single back-office)

#20 Wearable customer display

Groupe Carrus / PMC - 30 rue des Petits Hôtels  - 75010 Paris

The wearable customer displays have been designed for mobile walkaround betting terminals. It makes it easy for betters to follow-up their transactions at the mobile point of sales, in public places, OTB, restaurants and VIP clubs.

During transactions, it delivers real time information such as bets amounts/winnings/customer balance and also races information. Thanks to super high contrast OLED graphical screen, the wearable customer displays shows multi-line of information easy to read, even in direct sunlight. It’s linked to the betting terminal through a wireless Bluetooth connection.

With its high integration ratio and its low power design, display is light and convenient to attach with a magnetic snap.

Innovative ?

Large and readable graphic OLED display -Wireless Bluetooth communication -Thanks to low power technology (OLED screen and microcontroler), it offer a full 8 hours operation cycle -Universal and open to any types and models of portable terminal equipped with bluetooth interface, including laptop, smartphone, tablet and PDA.