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New Games

#4 hipiGo “Entrez dans la course » (Enter the race)

PMU - 2 rue du professeur Florian Delbarre  - 75015 PARIS

hipiGo is a game developed for beginners. It’s the innovative way to bet in our new POS Happy PMU and PMU Express on real horseracing. This offer is proposed on self-service terminal. It’s a mix between the “Casino universe” and the historical PMU universe.

hipiGo reworks part of PMU’s offer but renamed and simplified, it is a new packaging of the bets. The rule of this game is easily understandable.
The neophyte plays on real horse races and can play on the next race. 5 games are proposed in this new interface (Quinté Flush, Vainqueur, Classé, Doublé and Trio de Choc which are in fact Quinté+, Win, Place, Forecast and Trio).

hipiGo gives automatically a selection of horses to the beginner but he has also the possibility to change this selection if he wants. Our punters have also a full access to the classic interface and can bet “normally”.

An hipiGo TV screen gives information to the beginners during his bet (advices, tips, racecards, results, betting guide….).
hipiGo version was launched in July 2015. At the end of March 2016: 313 Happy PMU POS and 539 PMU Express POS are equipped.

Innovative ?

Two mains challenges with this offer: Facilitate the opening of new POS, Target new punters
Disruptive with the classic range of bets, it illustrates that horse betting is fun for everybody.

#15 5+ Lyntoto

Norsk Rikstoto - Trondheimsveien 273, PB 464 Økern - N-0512 Oslo

5+ Lyntoto is an engaging mobile game for casual players, where the excitement of races, gambling and winning is mixed with state of the art game design and innovations. Combined it merges into a new kind of emotional ride, where fun and ease of access are guiding principles.

Once a result from a race is ready the player receives a result SMS. By clicking on this, the player opens the app, and the excitement begins! While being a Quinte+ product, it never shows any horses or a race, just the numbers a player have betted on. A player freely presses on any of the numbers to see if it’s a winning horse or not, at their own pace, so the excitement stays with the user for a maximal amount of time. It even brings a visual lucky number drawing, heightening emotions even more. The game adheres strictly to responsible gaming, and requires an already established account with Norsk Rikstoto to be enjoyed.

Innovative ?

The game blends emotions, functionality and technology from both mobile gaming and traditional betting, merging into a new kind of experience.

These are the key innovations:

The entire horse bet is turned into a gamified and elegant experience where the user is in full control of how the result is played out. This ensures maximum excitement for the users, and prolongs the emotional ride as a player can still win late into the experience. Compared to just looking at a ticket, this is a solid first new step towards increased excitement for casual users.

A result SMS is sent to all players when a race is over. The SMS has a link allowing the player to either open the app, or download it from the Appstore.

#16 Boost: creating multimillion jackpots for Swedish trotting

ATG - Hästsportens hus, solvalla, 161 89 Stockholm - Sweden

As a response to our competitors’ jackpot products ATG decided to develop a product with the purpose of potentially delivering up to €10,5 million in winnings to one single customer.

Today a customer can chose the add-on product Boost together with our most popular game V75 (Pick 7), which enables them to win up to 100 times their original return, i.e. their original return is multiplied by 100. The cost for the customer to add Boost is 3 Euros. When the customer places a bet on V75 and chooses Boost he gets a three digit number printed on his betting receipt.

At the end of the seven race competition, which is the total number of races in V75, ATG randomly picks 3 numbers. The customer who has won money on V75 and has the correct three digit number will have their win multiplied by 100 (top win is only multiplied by 10).

To make Boost even more attractive to our customers they also get a smaller win if they only have one, two or three of the tree digits correct. By including these smaller wins we also increase the total win frequency on V75 so that customers win more often.

Boost is an add-on product for our most popular harness racing product V75 (Pick 7) and it is a lottery with a random three digit number that enables the customer to multiply original wins by 100!

Innovative ?

Boost is a fusion of a traditional skill based horse betting and a lottery

#17 PariMAX™

AmTote International - 11200 Pepper Rd Cockeysville, MD 21031 USA

AmTote International’s PariMAX™ is a new pari-mutuel wagering product, using traditional pari-mutuel bet types, historic horse racing content and engaging graphics, it provides players with a casino-style gaming experience.

By providing actual video footage of the previously run races, PariMAX™ also offers new revenue streams for many racetracks by targeting a completely new market of players.

AmTote received approval for PariMAX™ and our first game Crazy Wigs was deployed in Portland, Oregon in July 2015. The successful deployment immediately led to the development of eight additional games which have since been released.

PariMAX™ continues to add content daily and has a growing library of over twenty thousand historical horse races.

Innovative ?

The only game mixing historical races, pari mutuel betting and casino type graphical representation.