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New Games - Social Games

#10 Shared group bet

Fintoto Oy - Tulkinkuja 3, 02650  Espoo / Finland

In Shared group bet, one bet consists of several hashed bets, and it is available in multileg pools. Punters divide their hashed bets from two to twenty shares. That enables players to place larger systems and share the risk with friends and other punters.

Shared group bet is a step towards more social betting experience on the internet. Punters can sell their own Shared group bets on Fintoto´s betting site and market those Shared group bets via email and social media. New customers have found shared bets an easy way to start Tote betting. Betting site gets free advertising when punters market their Shared group bets in both Twitter and Facebook.

Punter exploiting Shared group bet owns the shares which haven’t been bought by other punters. Fintoto does not therefore have any risk if the shares unsold.

Innovative ?

Shared group bet takes the social betting experience to the next level. With Shared group bet we combine shared bets and hashed bets in an unparalleled way. The idea of hashed bet is to let punter choose more horses and to keep the total price reasonable.

After releasing the Shared group bet, sales of the shared bets on internet have grown and Fintoto´s brand is now more social than ever before.

#11 Team-Up League !

Norsk Rikstoto - Trondheimsveien 273, PB 464 Økern - N-0512 Oslo

Team-Up is an Internet “app” making it possible for a group to play together with each having a share in a common ticket. The goal has been to facilitate an easy way for friends, colleagues to share a bet, having a social and entertaining experience together, where they can exchange opinions and information on which horses to go for, based on “the cutest name” or “deep insight” – and then the thrill of winning, or the tears by losing.

Sharing a bigger ticket also increase the chance of being a winner. Any person can take the initiative to be The Captain of a team, by registering. Then he can use the “app” to invite participants by SMS or mail. The invited ones can via the “app” buy (pay for) their share, and get their receipt ticket.

To inspire captains and teams, and give Team-Ups even more excitement, the concept has been taken a step further to “Team-Up League”.
In Team-Up League all Teams can compete on who is the best! Points are given on the teams earning percent (stakes versus winnings), recruitment of new members, picking right bankers, active members, and with extra points betting at certain events.

Every month the best team wins a price, and all teams are reset to start for a new competition round. The “app” shows all Team-Up League participators, where status and history of all teams can be seen – “High Score List” and “Hall of Fame”!

Innovative ?

Giving a tool (the “app”) to those who often take initiatives and those who are followers, to making it simple & practical for the parties to both invite and participate in horse betting. It makes it both possible and doable for those who feel a bit outsider top bet on horses, and make it social even if the Internet is the channel.

#12 Getting customers to sell syndicate shares online is easy !

ATG - Hästsportens hus, solvalla, 161 89 Stockholm - Sweden

In 2013 ATG launched the online service Tillsammans where groups can join and bet on V75 together. The way the service works is that a customer signs up to, creates a team and invites his or her friends to join the team. When the friends sign up and join the team they are asked to contribute with money to a virtual wallet. No single customer can withdraw money from the virtual wallet; only the team leader is able to use the money to place a bet. If the team wins, the profit is split automatically between the members of the team.

In 2014 we expanded the service with a feature that enables celebrities and betting-experts to form their own teams and promote these in their own channels. The celebrity teams were used to reach out and invite niche groups of customers who perhaps never had been in contact with horse racing before. For example, a famous musician could promote a team for a few weeks in his own channels meaning that we reach his niche customers in his dedicated channels.

About a year later we invited the agencies to join the platform and establish their own teams. Recently we added the possibility to charge commission which incentivizes the agencies to drive expansion of the platform.
The platform has seen exponential growth since launched.

Innovative ?

Selling syndicate shares online and allowing groups of friends to establish their own teams is an innovation because it enables a new and socially engaging betting experience. Many customers are interested in increasing their chances of winning and Tillsammans helps them to do that, and when they win they share the payouts with their friends.

#13 MyBetsie

Hippodrome / 1 rue des Bellevues - 92270 Bois-Colombes - France

Free mutuel betting website on sports, racing, politics, economics, and anything really.

Innovative ?

Multitask website: any sport or activity can become an easy betting medium. The offer can be adapted and plugged into any website. Easy platform to develop and test new games. Opportunities to recruit new customers

Offer promotions to racecourses and/or sports organization to promote events.

#14 Colossus Bets pools

COO Colossus Bets M - 4 Bloomsbury Square - London WC1A 2RP

In August 2013 Colossus Bets launched the world’s largest guaranteed sports pools with leg-by-leg partial cash-out. Although Colossus Bets launched as a B2C-only and football-only proposition, it has since signed over twenty contracts for the B2B distribution of its pools as well as becoming a multi-sports pools betting operator. The B2B contracts which have been signed include with end operator partners (for example Betfair, Ladbrokes and Phumelela) as well as gambling software platform providers (for example BetConstruct and ONEworks) who can provide their own end operator partners with access to Colossus pools. In simple terms this means that today the end players of more than a dozen B2B partners across Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia can play into Colossus pools.

In early 2015 Colossus offered its first non-football pools, based on winning ‘points margins’ for two Australian sports codes.
Colossus pools bring unprecedented prizes to sports betting, giving sports and horseracing the chance to win market share from lottery and other gambling verticals. Colossus is seeking to expand this formula to horseracing.

Colossus is the pioneer of partial cash-out and remains the only pools betting platform with a cash-out feature. Partial cash-out gives players the best of both worlds – retaining the opportunity for a big win whilst having the ability to extract value before the bet is ultimately resolved.
The Colossus pools betting platform is flexible and scalable and of application to all sports, including horseracing.

Why is it an innovation ?

Colossus Bets has built a proprietary platform underpinned by complex mathematical models and patented technology, to provide lotto-sized pools with a unique partial cash-out feature.