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New Vision of Racing

#5 Sweden’s Master Driver

ATG - Hästsportens hus, solvalla, 161 89 Stockholm Sweden

In 2015 ATG decided to create a new reality TV format that should widen the customer base and increase general interest in trotting and horses. The theme of the reality show was a group of celebrities that were invited to a horse ranch for a couple of weeks with the objective of learning how to drive a trotting horse and hopefully to become Sweden´s Master Driver. The celebrities are all unexperienced with taking care of and driving horses, so the training started with cleaning the stable, grooming the horses, feeding them and learning all about the equipment and how to bridle the horse.

During their stay at the ranch they had famous and renowned trotting drivers as instructors and after a few days the celebrities got to drive ponies and gradually moved on to full size horses. One key success factor of the TV format is picking the right celebrities to bring to the ranch.

It is important to select a diversified group where each person can attract a specific target segment. Amongst the celebrities were model and popstar Camilla Henemark, fashion blogger Petra Tungården, former high jump world champion Patrik Sjöberg and rock star and former member of Europe Kee Marcello.

In total the show consisted of six episodes and in each episode one guest had to leave the ranch. In the sixth and final episode the two remaining celebrities competed in a race and Sweden´s Master Driver was selected.

Innovative ?

Sweden´s Master Driver is an innovative and fresh reality TV format where celebrities learn and compete to become the no1 trotting driver.

The show was an instant success especially amongst women, attracting more viewers than any other TV channel.

The buzz generated by the reality show even led to the Swedish Trotting Association´s tripling their number of applicants for their trotting school.

#6 High Precision Race Tracking

ATG - Hästsportens hus, solvalla, 161 89 Stockholm - Sweden

In 2014 ATG decided to start equipping the Swedish race tracks with transponders that determine the horses´ spatial position with an accuracy of up to 5 centimeters. The horses´ position is updated 100 times per second and the data is collected and stored in a database which is accessed by our TV production company Kanal75 and our website

Kanal75 transforms the data into live graphics and displays it in our TV show and online streaming channels. The graphics is displayed alongside the real race which enables all customers, both those with and without knowledge of horse racing, to see the real race and the live graphics with the horses´ positions.

The result is a revolutionizing betting experience in which new customers with no prior experience can place a bet and then easily, during the live broadcast, distinguish where his horse is positioned and how it is performing.

The improved user experience which has been made possible with the new system has become such a success that it is currently being rolled out to all Sweden’s major horse racing and trotting tracks.

Innovative ?

The High Precision Race Tracking system is an innovation for it is a technology that enables a new service which has transformed the customer experience, especially for the inexperienced new customers.

#7 Kincsem + The Hungarian Silver Bullet - stepping up to the next level

Hungarian Horse Betting Ltd - 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 2-4 - Hungary

To increase the popularity of horseracing, we organized big events eg. Gastro&Derby Festival, started to build a country-wide horse betting network, contracted with Sport TV to have live racing 6 hours a day, established a jockey school, renovated racecourses and supported infrastructure, cooperated with the new movie about Kincsem, the wonderhorse

A deal was signed with the national Lottery to launch the Kincsem+(FrenchQuinté+) game on a new IT infrastructure, targeting a new customer base.

Innovative ?

New Brand reflecting the unbeatable Hungarian Horse, Kincsem

Innovative partnership approach – using the 4500 Points of Sales of the national Lottery to sell the Kincsem+tuti (=Quinte+ Spot)

#8 Sportech Stream™

Sportech Racing // Digital
1095 Windward Ridge Parkway, Suite 170 - Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA

Sportech Stream™ is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) video distribution system designed to allow racetracks to increase demand by economically distributing their live racing video to bet shops and off-track betting locations around the world. It provides a cost effective, flexible alternative to satellite uplink simulcasting, with high quality video and fully-branded multi-lingual content.

The system is designed to be flexible to allow the operator to mix live racing with fully customized odds and graphics that reflect local branding, language and odds types. At each track or studio, a Stream Encoder uploads a clean live camera feed with limited or no graphics to the Stream Server, which act as a distribution service to each shop, managing individual streams over various permissions, and disseminating multiple racing and odds feeds. The Stream Director fully or semi-automated virtual studio controls and mixes racing, odds, and replays.

Requirements for the receiving bet shops are minimal in terms of equipment and space. A tiny receiver delivers the feed, the system can operate with Internet bandwidth as low as 2.5Mbps, and the context-sensitive dynamic display minimizes the need for additional screens to be installed in the shop.

Innovative ?

A racetrack’s ability to attract a global audience to its racing and its pools relies on their ability to show live racing video and relevant information.

Sportech Stream™ is easy to implement and very cost-effective to operate, and can be used by any operator regardless of their tote technology provider.

Fully customizable, the system contains a set of high-quality graphic templates to mix the live clean camera feed with a range of data, and with different graphical themes and languages to suit individual operators.

#9 DRF Live !

Daily Racing Form - 708 3rd Ave., 12th Fl, NY 10017 – USA

DRF Live! is a real-time stream of handicapping news and insight, delivered by DRF's staff from top tracks across the U.S.
The real-time stream is designed to provide inside information that can only come from experts on the ground and to accompany players as they handicap and wager throughout the racing day.

DRF’s reporters act as “eyes and ears” for players, reporting on track conditions changes, paddock observations, shifting odds, and any other factors that might affect wagering.

DRF Live! evolved from a standalone live stream (still available at to a fully distributed premium service throughout the site and mobile app, including integration into heavily-trafficked areas like Entries and Results. This is the first time such integration of news and handicapping content has occurred in the U.S.

The completion of the project, which involved integration throughout the site and mobile app, automated promotion through Twitter, and the inclusion of DRF Live posts in DRF's premium content service, occurred in June 2015.

DRF Live has been an incredible success, and it’s had a transformative impact on the company’s reporting. Live reporting now constitutes up to half of the content produced by DRF’s reporters and has become an important component of DRF’s premium news service. And in 2015, there were over 400,000 unique views on the DRF Live site, which does not include hundreds of thousands of views of live posts throughout and its mobile app.

Innovative ?

DRF Live! is the first real-time information stream of its kind in the U.S., and the first to provide live, on-track insight to complement to handicapping data throughout the racing day.

The distribution of this live content, carried through numerous data displays and mobile app, is one of the best integrations of reporting and data available today.