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Innovative Format Digital Display

#1 Teller digital vest

Groupe Carrus / PMC - 30 rue des Petits Hôtels  - 75010 Paris

The teller digital vest has been designed to promote betting for mobile terminals. The embedded display board, located on the teller back, broadcasts information such as race card, horse favourite, forecast, imminent post time, scratch horses, results and dividends. The eye-catching colourful high bright LEDs display promote bets selling by attracting punter’s attention. Information is received from Internet central server through wireless WIFI or LTE connection.

Embedded display microcontroller is locally managed via Bluetooth connection. Teller can select the information displayed, as meeting and race number. The vest offers more than 8 hours of battery life.

Innovative ?

A new betting promotion channel, providing bets and race information in all area, such as grandstand, restaurant, parade ring, club house with Internet wireless connection to collect data.

#2 Interactive Café table

PMU - 2 rue du professeur Florian Delbarre  - 75015 PARIS

Interactive Café table are installed in points of sale or racecourses to give access to information and to a betting offer without having to move.
PMU intends to facilitate the use of this table in new distribution areas in order to reach new customers. The betting application allows beginners and punters, to place bets thanks to their MyPMU account, through a NFC card.

The betting transaction is fully dematerialized: no paper, no receipt, everything is registered in the MyPMU account.

Innovative ?

- Digitalization of the tables which we commonly find in restaurants and café

- Opportunity to register bets offline on an on-line support

- Dematerialization of the bet and NFC Payment

#3 Digital Link™

Sportech Racing // Digital
1095 Windward Ridge Parkway, Suite 170 - Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA

Digital Link™ is a patented* app designed by Sportech Racing // Digital for Android and iOS that extends a powerful betting tool to the consumer’s own smartphone or tablet.

Digital Link™ offers a secure, convenient, feature-rich method with which to experience the excitement of racing and betting whether on course, at a betting shop or OTB, or off course. Consumers access a betting account via a secure account/PIN combination or they can open a One Day Pass right within the app to bet anonymously for a limited period of time. One Day Pass is perfect for occasional racetrack visitors as well as for consumers who prefer cash but who also value convenience, security, and the green benefits of going paperless.

The patented Digital Voucher feature, when used in conjunction with QR code readers installed on betting terminals, allows the consumer to access their digital wallet and to store and retrieve vouchers and tickets, even when using a betting terminal to actually place their bets.
Sportech launched the first Digital Link™ implementation in 2014 for sister company, Sportech Venues, Inc., in Connecticut, USA. Consumers were offered account betting over mobile, in conjunction with Sportech’s G4 betting website and land-based off-track betting.

This was followed by introduction during the second quarter of 2015 at Hawthorne Race course in Illinois, USA as part of a package that consisted of a Sportech G4 betting website, the Sportech Kiosk, and the Digital Link™ mobile app.

Sportech are deploying Digital Link™ to more than a dozen customers in the USA and the UK in 2016.

Innovative ?

Green paperless betting with the patented Digital Voucher that allows the consumer to store and retrieve digital vouchers and tickets in the Digital Link™ wallet, even when using a betting terminal to actually place their bets.

Enhanced user experience delivered through convenience, security, and a host of desirable features.

Marketing tools that the operator can use to communicate with end users, for deeper engagement