4th Racing and Betting Business Forum in 2011

Thank you for your participation to the Forum !

140 participants from Racing and Betting organisations, represented 27 countries, gathered in Paris on 30 September.

  Speakers Presentations
  Philippe Germond
EPMA Chairman and President of the PMU

Assessment of the PMU situation in the French changing market


Kim Heng Teo
Vice President of Singapore Turf Club

Collaboration at the Singapore Turf Club


Remy Nilson
Chief Executive of AB Trav och Galopp (ATG)

Pari Mutuel operators proposals for the promotion of Racing
  Rod Street
Chief Executive of Racing Enterprises

Racing for change in UK – 2 years after
  Aki Akitani
Deputy Secretary General of IFHA

Thinking and plans from the Racing industry
  Michael Ciacciarelli
Chief Operating Officer, Trakus

Trakus, 4 years after....opinion of punters ?
  Andrew Pegler
Business Development Director of Mfuse

Live betting on mobile phone – impossible for horse racing ?
  Kirsty Bell
Research and Sale Manager, Yomego – Social Media Reputation

Are Pari Mutuel operators “social” ?
  Tadhg Kelly
Social Media Consultant and CCO of Simple Lifeforms
Gaming in Social Media


3rd Racing and Business Forum in 2010

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